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e-Mail: lakesideweekend1[at]

Tel: +36 20 224 9595 (on weekdays 11am - 5pm)


If you don't like (or don't want) to sleep in a tent, there are a few links to other accomodations:

  • Átrium Agárd (70m)
  • Holiday Home (400m)
  • VVSI Sport Hotel (800m)
  • Kék Vitorlás Apartman (1000m)
  • Zenith Apartman (1000m)
  • Viking Hotel (1000m)
  • Pákász Tanya (100m)
  • Pontpihenek Apartmans (1200m)
  • Romantika Apartmans (1600m)
  • Meseházikó Guesthouse (1600m)